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染の小道 | May 18, 2024

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[Closed][2/22] Voluntouring program in Some no Komichi!

[Closed][2/22] Voluntouring program in Some no Komichi!

Why don’t you participate in our Some no Komichi festival as a volunteer on Friday the 22nd of February?

You will get a free Some no Komichi original tenugui towel as well as a chance to experience wearing kimono for free as a token of our appreciation for your help.

In this “voluntouring” program, we’d like you to help us put on our event as a volunteer.
We have volunteers who can speak English to help you enjoy your volunteer activities together with them.

The things we’d like you to do are;
* Set up the River Gallery (9:30 ~)
* Pass out the event pamphlets (approximately 11:30 ~)
* Close the River Gallery (15:00 ~ 18:00)

~ The number of participants in this program is limited to 6 people.
~ You can get dressed in kimono if you want after the river gallery setup activity.
~ We will make a reservation for the kimono wearing experience for you at the designated shop.
~ You can have some free time to enjoy Some no Komichi in kimono attire after you finish passing out all the pamphlets you are assigned.
~ The kimono you wear must be returned to the shop by 14:30.

Reservation is needed to join this program. 
Go to the link below to make a reservation!

For more details about “Some no Komichi”, please visit the website or the facebook page below (only written in Japaese);

~ Please note ~
*We cannot take responsibility for any accidents occurring at the event because it is staffed by volunteers.
*By participating in this event, you agree to allow Some no Komichi to photograph you and take videos of you. The photos and the videos of the event may be used on our website or on other kinds of social media or publicity for “Some no Komichi”.
*For those who want to wear kimono, please tell us your approximate size (S, M, L, LL).
*These kimono are worn over clothes, so you will not need to get undressed. We recommend that you wear warm clothing and accessories including mufflers and gloves.
*Please refrain from smoking during the volunteer activities.