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染の小道 | June 19, 2024

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「染の小道」とは About us





We attempt to cheer up our town based on dyeing.

Japanese dyeing skills were greatly developed within the culture during the Edo period. From the early Showa period to 1950’s, the basin of the Kanda River and the Myoshoji River was known as a focal point of dyeing business, filled with more than 300 dyeing small factories, comparable to that of Kyoto and Kanazawa. Even today in the area around Ochiai and Nakai near Shinjuku, a number of artisans and creators come and see each other to inherit or share the skills from their preceding generations and propose new dyeing techniques. The area’s richness in water and green has also attracted many artists and highly educated people such as Hayashi Fumiko and Akatsuka Fujio. (翻訳協力:JAPAN TWO

「染の小道」実行委員会 会則(2018.6.1改訂)

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