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染の小道 | July 19, 2024

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川のギャラリー River Gallery






Kimono Textiles (Tan mono) on the Myoshoji River

Dyeing factories on the course of the river and workers washing dyed goods in water were typical features in Ochiai and Nakai until 1950’s. This event is aimed to recall those memories of the city in our own day. 50 to 60 pieces of kimono cloth including colorful ones of Edo Sarasa and Komon, donated by dyeing workers who support the event, will be dancing on the river surface. They will be placed along the path between Myoshojigawa Jisaibashi and Tashobashi. Myoshojigawa Jisaibashi is located in front of Nakai Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line.

The beautiful cloths hanging in the “RIVER GALLERY” are called “Tan mono”. Tan mono are cut and sewn into kimonos. Almost all Tan mono is the same size. By adjusting the depth of the seams,the same Tan mono can fit a small woman or a large woman without wasting any cloth. Even if a small grandmother passes down her kimono to her tall granddaughter, it can be re-sewn to fit her. This allows kimonos to be handed down from generation to generation without waste.